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Michael Fogelbergs story

Michael Fogelberg was born and raised in Sweden but moved to the United States to study. There he attends Seattle University and graduates with a Bachelors in Finance and International business. After this, Michael moves to Brussels, Belgium in the summer of 1992. And that’s where the whole entrepreneurial journey takes off.

In the same autumn, Michael begins to explore the possibility of setting up a self storage company in Belgium. And just one year later, negotiations begin with the American self storage company Shurgard. This is about setting up a joint venture to start self storage in Europe. 

A few years later, Shurgard opens three facilities in Brussels and then expands to Paris, London and Stockholm. Michael then also moves to Stockholm and becomes responsible for the build-up in Scandinavia. In 2001, Michael establishes Shurgard in the Danish market and soon afterwards in Europe. Today, Shurgard is the largest self storage company in Europe with close to 250 facilities and a turnover of over 27 million Euros.

Own companies

In 2005, Michael Fogelberg leaves Shurgard and becomes an active investor in smaller companies. But in 2006 he moved back to Sweden and founded the self storage company SelStor AB. And in a few years, Michael has managed to build 10 facilities in the Stockholm area.

In autumn 2014, Michael founded 24Storage AB, a high-tech storage company with a business concept based on two global macro trends, urbanisation and digitalisation. 

Today, Michael is putting all his focus on his new venture. European Self Storage is putting a lot of emphasis on new technology and digital systems to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Other missions

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Michael has been a member, chairman and vice chairman of FEDESSA (Federation of European Self Storage Association) between 2004 and 2020, and was chairman of the industry association SSA Sweden between 2006 and 2021.

Michael Fogelberg serial entrepreneur